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Flex, flow and strengthen

Welcome to Muscle Matters 2, a unique therapy business centred on classes to lengthen, strengthen and tone your body. Owned and run by Sheena (that's me!) there is an emphasis on technique, ease of movement and fun!

I also do 1:1 appointments or small classes if you feel your body needs some attention. Any niggles, tightness, inflexibility and soreness can be addressed.

Post injury or injury prevention for athletes and weekend warriors!

Learn lots of techniques to transform your practice and unlock new levels of body awareness.

Breath, focus, movement, stretch and balance are the core of all classes and each class has a different flavour.


In-studio classes will be taught at Inspire2tri and I would love for you to join me in the studio.
There are restrictions on spaces in-studio so we can offer you a safe and fun environment to enjoy classes.






Exciting news coming soon for more classes and workshops to get into spring.

Stay tuned.....

Still not sure about attending a class in the studio?  Contact me for a chat and have a 1:1 try out to feel more confident about moving. 

We all need to keep going, be motivated and keep moving to get us through the next stretch......literally....

Please get in touch and come and join me for a stretch.


"Sheena's stretch classes have really helped me to recover my flexibility and find muscles I didn't know I had! Her classes are lively and fun and she gives adaptations for different levels of fitness. At the end of each session I know I have stretched myself within my ability.

I would recommend her without a doubt!"

If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won't have to hear it scream.

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