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Self-myofascial Release

Workshop with foam roller

Learn how to gently foam roller to address areas of stuck stress. Why put yourself in pain while you're trying to get out of pain?

coming this winter

Self-myofascial Release Workshop with therapy balls 

Using therapy balls (or a  squash and tennis ball) learn how to nudge your trigger points/niggles in common areas in your body.

coming this winter

Looking forward to       In-studio classes 2021.

Please check back for updates Feb 2021.

Purestretch and sports yoga in-studio and online via zoom

Check out the booking schedule!

Self-myofascial class

A regular class of self-myofascial release techniques to keep your soft tissues hydrated and supple to allow recovery and well being.

This class is appropriate for anyone with a body!

Dates to be confirmed

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