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I am originally from a wee town in Scotland (hoots mon!) and I have worked as a physio and soft tissue therapist for over over 35 years in the NHS, private healthcare and my own clinic in Rutland. 


I also teach classes and work with clients at Inspire2tri, a beautiful studio barn in the Rutland countryside with an award winning high tech gym, studio and endless pool.


My passion is teaching people to look after their bodies and how to move better, train better and stay injury and pain free.


I teach Purestretch, Sports Yoga and Self-Myofascial Release in classes or on an individual basis. 


In my life journey I have travelled and worked in Canada and the USA  as a physio before returning to the UK. I have worked with many fitness clients, athletes and weekend warriors as well as Mickey Mouse in Orlando and cowboys in Colorado!

When I'm away from my yoga mat I run around after my 2 sons, I love to travel, eat cake and encourage my husband to stretch!

Retired physiotherapist

Sports Yoga Teacher

Member of the Yoga Alliance Professionals

Purestretch instructor

Myofascial release instructor

Foam Roller instructor

Soft Tissue Therapist

Sports Massage Therapist

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