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Zoomstretch is purestretch taught live online via zoom!

This is a 1 hour class.

Purestretch will strengthen, lengthen and tone your body as we cover familiar yoga poses in a new way with some great pilates stretches.

You will breath, focus, move, stretch and balance. and there's always some core!

The emphasis is on technique, ease of movement and fun!

This class is appropriate for all abilities and the use of props is always welcomed and encouraged. Modifications are welcome when needed (to accomodate any limitations, injuries or conditions).

Want to learn how your body moves and increase your body awareness, while having 'fun'?    Come and join us...

                                              Today's good mood is sponsored by Purestretch....

"I loved Sheena's Purestretch and foam roller classes! They helped to keep me injury free at a time I was ramping up my running.

The classes are challenging but fun - and contributed to my 5k running times improving and several PB's over the months! Brilliant....Just do it!"

Express Sports Yoga



This is a live online class taught via zoom.

This is a 30 minute class.

This will be a 30 min no holds barred session working on dynamic flowing and body work to develop postural alignment, strength and endurance and muscular balance. No chanting, meditation or relaxation here. If you’ve done yoga before…this isn’t it!!

Move, pause, hold, breathe....

This is a class for yogis and yoginis who have practised some yoga before or who attend regular fitness classes or athletic training.

It is not appropriate for complete beginners.

                                    Yoga class?         I thought you said pour a glass......

"Sheena's purestretch classes are quite simply the best classes I have tried - fun, but challenging, and so beneficial!"

"Sheena's classes are good humoured and suitable for all!

Sheena understands what bodies need and her classes provide an excellent, no nonsense and effective way to keep your body moving

- whoever you are!"

Self-Myofascial Release 

Check out the bookings page for workshop details

This is a live online event taught via zoom.

This is a 75 min workshop with time for questions at the end and digital content will be sent prior to the class for you to keep!

SMR are self massage techniques that involve applying gentle sustained pressure into myofascial connective tissue restrictions (stuck stress, niggles or barriers) to eliminate pain and restore movement.

Using a foam roller and therapy balls (or alternatives) to rehydrate, decrease pain and soreness and improve tissue recovery.

My approach is not about ripping/shredding/steam rollering or further wounding yourself that invoke body hostility.

It is a gentle, mindful approach to address stuck stress in the body and to increase your capacity for healing, pain-free better health.

It's a practice to include those parts of  yourself that have been overlooked, set aside or haven't been invited to the body part-y.

These workshops will teach you how to roll, glide, shear, pin and stretch, and friction soft tissue areas that need attention through underuse, overuse and abuse!

It will make you feel lighter, more 'space' to move and it's just delicious!

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