Want to have a stretch but not sure where to start?

Not been to a purestretch or yoga class before and want some 1:1 time?

Then this is for you.

Learn the how to's about stretching and learn some flexibility tips.

£30 please contact me to schedule.

A general session covering either whole body purestretch or yoga - whichever is your preference. Prior to the session I will ask you to e-mail me which areas you would like to target and I will make a routine just for you!

£50 please contact me to schedule.

Need some inspiration and some tips on technique to further enhance your practice? Come and join me for an hour of purestretch or yoga.

£40 please contact me to schedule.

Wonderful for those who are wanting to target an area post injury, address some specific concerns or sport specific routine for cyclists, runners and swimmers.

£60 please contact me to schedule.


Sheena Kirk                             musclematters2@gmail.com                                 07704 853627

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